where my love for plants began

let's rewind...

I began my journey in South Korea, where I was adopted at 4 months old to my parents on Oahu, Hawaii. The first plant memory I can recall was when I was 4 or 5 years old - my grandpa grew the most luscious vegetable garden and I would pick Cherry Tomatoes off the vine! We would also plant Sweet Potatoes, and once they were ripe we'd dig them up, cut it up in slices, microwave and add salt to snack on! My parents educated me on how to grow plants from seeds, as we grew Sunflowers and Corn in our front yard. It was here that my green thumb began.

Fast forward to 2019, I had been working in corporate America for 8+ years and always wanted to start my own business. I looked around my apartment to find a problem that needed a solution, and there it was right in front of me: empty candle jars! As a semi-hoarder, I had collected many used candle jars with the idea to repurpose them into something I could use. I paired my passion for plants with cleaned candle jars and started creating succulent terrariums! Since then, I've expanded my line up to include houseplant, aquatic, and succulent terrarium kits, along with handmade home goods. 

and now we're here

-It's probably a shock, but I love plant puns.

- I rescued my pup Ginger from a local adoption agency, who rescued her from a kill shelter (see attached photo if you'd like to use it, she's my absolute favorite and I love her soooooo much)

-My favorite food is Bacon and French Fries, but I make a pretty tasty Kim Chee Fried Rice.

-In high school I trained to be a classical Opera singer and won a Mozart competition my Senior year

-When I was 17, our school choir traveled to Rome, Italy to perform in the Vatican

-When I'm not working, I like to get away and take road trips to anywhere that has a beach and sun.

- Right after college I became a wedding planner for 6 months! I decided it wasn't for me and moved back to Washington but I definitely learned a lot, and most importantly what not to do when I get married

- One of my favorite past times is to go fishing with the family. My grandpa used to take me out on his little boat and we'd go nighttime fishing. My Uncle has kept up the tradition and any opportunity to go I'll make room in my schedule to go fishing!

fun facts about me that'll knock your stalks off

Be a pineapple.

stand tall,

wear a crown,

and be sweet on the inside.

words I live by...

The purpose of Live Long and Plant is to share the joy of plant ownership with you while giving you the confidence to joyfully add a member to your plant family and know it will live long and prosper. I want to foster a judgement-free community of plant parents, no matter what level of plant parent you are!

my why...