DIY Tiny Cactus Kit


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Get started on your plant parenthood journey with our DIY Tiny Cactus Kit. These little guys are extremely hardy and adorable, but the best part - their thorns aren’t poky! Great for humans of all ages! Each terra cotta pot is hand drawn with fun prints you’ll be sure to adore.

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(2) Thimble Cacti

(1) 2” Terra Cotta Pot - choose from 4 unique designs!

(1) Bag of Soil

(1) Bag of Top Dressing - your choice between White Creva & Black Pearl

(1) Gift Box

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Care instructions:

You can grow these heat-lovers indoors even if it’s cold outside! Use a container filled with a potting mix for cacti and succulents or a combo of regular potting mix and coarse sand.

LIGHT: Thimble cactus thrive in full sunlight or light shade. However, if you’re moving it from direct sunlight to light shade, don’t move it too suddenly so they don’t scorch.⁠ 

WATER: During the summer, water them sparingly. During the winter, water them only if they’re looking wilted.⁠


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