Welcome to Episode 5 of the Planty of Friends podcast! I am your host, Ellise Uyema, founder of Live Long and Plant, and I am so excited to have Kara, from The Kara Report, on the podcast today!

I learned a TON! 🤯 I don’t even know where to begin, that’s how impactful this conversation was. If you’re looking to spice up your Pinterest strategy, or not sure where to start, I HIGHLY recommend listing to this podcast and pulling some gold nuggets from it 👂🏻

Just a few things I pulled from our chat:

🔍 When you’re first starting out, know that you’re going to be in the grind for a while. Set yourself up knowing that there’s a lot of work involved and there are a bunch of hats you didn’t realize you were going to take on!

🤗 Try new things! It could lead to major rewards.

👭🏻Find a coach, or 1-2 people who will help you throughout the journey, and tune out all of the excessive noise.

There’s so much more juiciness that I don’t have enough space to detail them here, so you’re just going to have to listen to the full podcast!

Thank you again @thekarareport for being my special guest, I appreciate you! 💕

Episode 6


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