DIY Enclosed Terrarium Kit, Includes All Components to Build Your Own Terrarium, 76 oz.

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Create your own beautiful, self-contained enclosed terrarium with our DIY Enclosed Terrarium Kit! All components included (listed below). This makes a great gift to that special friend, or if you're looking for something to do while you're social distancing! 

DID YOU KNOW: enclosed terrariums are a self-contained ecosystem that can flourish for years without being opened or watered, being mindful that it needs proper light. Because of the enclosure, it allows the terrarium to recycle its water, carbon dioxide, and oxygen.


(2) Houseplants, plant may vary

(1) 76 oz. Glass Jar

(1) Bag of Bottom Rocks (for drainage)

(1) Bag of Activated Charcoal

(1) Bag of Sphagnum Moss

(2) Bags of Soil

(1) Bag of Decoration Top Moss

(1) Bag of Animal Characters

(1) Instructions on how to assemble

Care Instructions:

You should not have to water your terrarium because it is self-contained. Make sure to provide it bright but indirect sunlight. If your plants start to overgrow, pinch or clip off the buds at the top and sides of  the plant as needed. 

Your terrarium will fog up periodically as it is a necessary part of what makes the terrarium work, i.e. water cycle. DO NOT open your terrarium to air it out. Instead, wait for the water droplets to gradually fall to the soil to let nature take its course.