DIY Terrarium Kit in 5" Glass Bowl, with or without Live Succulent

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DIY Terrarium Kit with or without a live succulent, supplies included. A perfect addition to brighten up your home, office, bathroom, bedroom space!
PLEASE NOTE: you have the option to include a live succulent or purchase without one.
Included components:
** 5" circular glass bowl with open top
** River rocks (base layer)
** Activated Charcoal Powder (2nd layer)
** Sphagnum Moss (3rd layer)
** Potting soil (4th layer)
** Decorative stones (top layer)
** Live succulent 2" (if you choose the option to include in your kit)
** Beach shells & Decorations
** Instructions on how to build your terrarium kit
Care instructions:
Bright, filtered light. Light watering 1-2 times a month, water at the root. If you choose to include a live succulent, it should be immediately unboxed. Recommend building your terrarium within 3-5 days of receiving. Best days to order are Mondays and Tuesdays in order to receive by end of week.