Hawaiian Opae Shrimp LIVE Terrarium, Globe

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Endemic to the Hawaiian islands, these "Opae" Shrimp terrariums will keep you entertained for hours! I've spent over 3 months researching, sourcing, and hand-crafting these mini ecosystems to bring them from my home of Hawai'i to the "mainland." These shrimp are extremely low maintenance and live off of the algae and bacteria that naturally build up on the floor bed; they have also been known to live up to 20 years!


INCLUDED in each terrarium:

**3 Opae Shrimp

**Glass Vessel

**Aquarium Gravel

**Marimo Moss Ball

**Artificial Plant

**Brackish Water

**Assembly and Care Instructions

HOW TO CARE: Very little maintenance needed. Keep in bright indirect light or near a window sill. Shrimp thrive in temperatures between 65-85 degrees. Very sensitive to movement and loud noises. Water is a special proprietary mixture and adding tap water will cause harm and/or death to Shrimp. If you need to add water please use DISTILLED WATER only to top off.