Marimo Moss Ball DIY Terrarium Gift Kit, Circle | Includes Components to Build a Terrarium

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Looking for a "pet" that's easy to maintain? Our Marimo Moss Ball Terrariums are the perfect pal for your desk, nightstand, or shelf! These make adorable gifts and are easy to put together. The kit comes un-assembled for you to create your own unique masterpiece.

Marimo moss balls are typically found in northern parts of Japan's cold waters. They grow about 5 mm a year, and in the wild can get as big as 12-inches!

Included Components:

  • Glass bottle with Snap Lid (2" L x 2" W x "3.5" H)
  • Mini Marimo Moss Ball
  • Base Medium: choice of Blue Stones, White Stones, Black Pebbles, Sea Glass, and Pea Gravel
  • Decoration: choice of Sea Fan or Artificial Plant
  • Mini Seashells

Care Instructions:
Light | Bright, indirect sunlight. Every other week we recommend placing the entire vessel in the refrigerator overnight so it can mimic the cold temperatures of Japan's waters.
Water | Use filtered cold water - recommend filtering thru the water every 3-4 weeks. If needed, remove your moss ball with tweezers or chopsticks, then rinse under cold water, turn, and squeeze out excess water, then place back in the vessel.
Food | Although not necessary, you can use an aquatic feeder every 2-3 rinses:
Other | Make sure to turn your moss ball every 3-4 weeks so that all sides receive equal amount of light!