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I am a plant enthusiast, life learner, dog mama, coffee fanatic, and sun-seeker!

Born in South Korea, adopted and raised in Hawaii, my passion for plants started at a young age with my Mom and Dad teaching me how to grow Sunflowers and Corn from seeds. In my free time I like to take weekend road trips, explore new restaurants, and standup paddleboard!


Here at Live Long & Plant, we live a plant-centered lifestyle. We want to share the joy of plant ownership with you while giving you the confidence to joyfully add a member to your plant family and know it will live long and prosper.


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Your plant is tiny and easy to grow and manage, for a friend or for your house. They come in different colors and shapes.
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This gift is more for the pro who would like to get all the materials together to grow a plant. You don't need to go out and purchase anything else with this kit. We have a few choices of kits with a variety of options.

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You are wanting a gift for your friend but don't know what to give them. Our succulent gift boxes can be specialized with a special card for a Birthday, Mother's Day, or even a Thank you to a friend.

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Being a plant parent can be hard. Whether it is your first plant or your 100th, questions come up and dead. plants. happen. And we are here to tell you that that is okay. However, check out our best plant care tips here so that you AND your plants can Live Long and Prosper!


want something custom for your business?

At Live Long and Plant we absolutely love partnering with businesses to create custom orders and kits for your company. If you would be interested in creating something from scratch with me, send me a message and we can build your perfect plant dreams!

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