Our Mission

Live Long and Plant is a plant-centered lifestyle brand dedicated to providing you with the ultimate plant ownership experience. Our mission is to share the joy of plant parenthood with you and help you confidently add a new member to your plant family that will thrive and prosper. Whether you're a seasoned plant parent or a newbie, Live Long and Plant has something for everyone.

  • Mina

    These were such a hit with our teachers. It was packaged so cute! The care and the quality of products really show.

  • Miriam

    The sticky gnat traps I ordered are so great! First, the design is adorable and the pop of color among my plants makes me so happy. But also, THEY REALLY WORK. Within a weekend I had caught so many!

  • Aya

    Ellise was fantastic! She was so patient with our group, and brought such a fun and kind energy. Everything was well-organized and prepped for each participant. Our group had a great time chatting with one another while putting together their artwork. The final products were unique and beautiful!

Corporate Clients

Elevate your corporate gifting with the perfect touch of nature. Bring joy to your team, clients, and attendees with the gift of plants!