5 Tips on Taking Care of Your Mental Health while working from home

5 Tips on Taking Care of Your Mental Health while working from home

Since the pandemic started a few years ago, a total rise of about 25.3% of jobs became remote. Since then, we have learned a new way of living that compliments our work-from-home lifestyle. Working from home became a norm for many of us in uncharted territories.

Today, we are sharing our secrets that helped us with remote working and how you can apply those to your daily life.


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Drink more water.

According to recent studies from the Washington Post, 8 glasses a day is not the norm any more. In fact, this “rule” was made up about 80 years ago with the information only partly accurate! At the time, the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council stated that we needed 64 ounces of water daily from food and water. This means that we do not need to get all 8 cups of water solely from water consumption, but also from our food intake.


As mentioned in the article, water consumption is based on other factors as well, which includes “their size and their level of body fat, which contains less water than muscle and other organs.” Let us not forget the water that is in your food that you consume daily, as well as your environment and lifestyle (whether you live in a humid location or not, and if you move more or less).


While drinking water is important, you do not have to push yourself to follow the 8-cups-a-day rule like you’ve been told. Just try to drink as much as you believe your body can handle and you are good to go!


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Break up your day.

Something that helps us during the day is a quick break to refresh physically, mentally, and maybe even emotionally. Our recommendations include taking a walk as often as possible and create an at-home spa experience with things like skincare products and our homemade soy wax candles.

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Not only have we seen personal experience with the benefits in this area, but 85% of people have stated that taking breaks made them more productive compared to not taking a break. When recovering your mental health, your productivity benefits drastically.


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Sleep is necessary.

We have all heard that we need to sleep at least 7 hours a day, but why? Research again has showed us that the first thing when considering how much time we sleep is your age. For babies, 12 hours is necessary, but the longer you live, the shorter you need to sleep.


At school age 9-11 hours is recommended, and by adult years 7-9 hours is best. While quantity is important, they say that quality trumps quantity. Quality sleep means uninterrupted sleep as much as possible. The type of benefits sleep gives you includes “growth, recovery, learning, memory, immunity, a strong heart, and healthy blood vessels.”


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Take Social Media Breaks.

We have all been there. You’re resting on your phone for a quick, few minutes and before you know it, a few hours have flown by. Sound familiar?


Our minds are stuck in this world of whatever is thrown at us on social media, whether it is informative or entertaining, positive or negative, we consume it. But that can definitely affect us in a way that we might not like.

Taking even 30 minutes a day to step back and breathe can really rest your mind, even helping you with anxiety and sleep at night. You could even start a hobby of creating an at-home garden. Find some of your favorite accessories for your plants here.


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Connect with others.

When you work from home, it is easy to get stuck in avoiding people interaction. You become focused on your work and have no time for life. We have noticed that getting out and experiencing life with others really gives you a more balanced life outlook and a better refresh throughout your week.


What we recommend is inviting your friends to work with you, head to a coffee shop or bookstore for a change of scenery, or take a quick lunch break with someone for a midday breather. Read Mayo Clinic’s article about how friendships enrich your life and improve your health.

With all the work-from-home jobs, transitioning can be a difficult step. Creating a work-life balance and learning ways to improve your life during this transition can be effective in starting out on the right foot.


Let us know if you have any questions about anything we discussed and if you would use any of these tips for your life!

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