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5 Ways you can reuse candle jars

I think we’ve all come to a point in our candle journey where we’ve burned our candle with just a sliver of wax left. While fragrance still lingers in the air, there’s much more you can do with the candle jar that you might not expect! Your vessel is beautiful, so let’s not leave it to waste! Here’s a few ways that your jar life can go on much longer than the burnt wax that has come and gone.

BUT, before you learn the many ways you can reuse a candle jar, here’s one simple trick to get rid of the rest of the wax: let it sit in boiling water. This will help the wax melt and rise to the top of the water where it would be simple to just remove. All that’s left to do is use water and soap to remove the tiny wax residue.

Now onto the tips!

Keep your office supplies organized

If your desk is cluttered with pens, scissors, a ruler, or whatever you have laying around, a simple way to organize them is with a jar. No need to buy a new container at your office supply store - you already have material laying around! And the best part is if the clear container is not your style, you can use the sharpies you might have laying around to color it! If that’s also not your style, a little paint at the craft store wouldn’t hurt the bank.

As a Pot

One of my favorite ways to reuse a jar is by repotting or giving new succulents a home. This is actually the concept behind how I started Live Long and Plant. If you’re a candle and plant lover like me, you’re sure to love these pot alternatives!

A source of light

If you’re in need of a little more light or want to create the perfect ambiance, placing fairy lights in your jars would make for a simple DIY that looks gorgeous. You might have some lying around or they could be an easy, inexpensive investment for a beautiful environment for your home.

Put food in it

When your jars are cleaned out, depending on the size and shape of the jar, you could reuse them as a container for food or drinks. Smoothies are perfect in the longer, medium-size jars while the small jars could hold your overnight oats or a quick snack for work.

Give it a new owner

If you have a family member or friend with a birthday coming up or you need a simple gift for a special occasion, candle jars could be a perfect container in a box full of goodies. You could fill your jar with candy, socks, cards, sunglasses, or anything you can imagine fitting in its space. And the best part about this upcycle is you can give your jar another life for someone else to enjoy. In this case, you are passing on the joy and beauty of sustainability.

One last tip: Seed Paper

If you have purchased one of our candles, you would also have a seed paper to place at the bottom of your jar to grow your plants. To grow your seed paper, soak your paper overnight, tear up in pieces under a thin layer of dirt, and water as appropriate. If you would like a full list of instructions, visit our Plant Care tips page.


Would you use any of these tips and tricks for candle jars? Let us know in the comments below! We would love to hear from you and know how you choose to reuse your jars.

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