A Guide to Succulents

A Guide to Succulents

What are they?

Succulents are plants that possess those parts which are fleshy, thickened, and engorged. Like this, they can retain water, especially in “arid climate.” These plants store water in numerous structures like stems and leaves. One can easily locate these plants in places like deserts. But you can also find them in various places present all around the world.

Origin of Succulents

Succulents belong to arid and dry areas like deserts. But certain succulents like orchids are unable to get proper rainfall. Their growth is in such areas or branches where rain is unable to reach them quite easily.

While other succulents are available in Africa too. One can even find them in those places that have long and dry seasons.

Types of Succulents

There is a wide range of succulents like Burro’s Tail, Chicks and Hens, Panda plant, Butterwort, and many others. Succulents are present everywhere, from hanging planters to boutonnieres. People readily use them for decorating purposes, weddings, and gardens too.

Continue reading to know more about various types of “succulents.”

Aloe Vera

Another name: Medicinal Aloe

Genus: Aloe

Family: Asphodelaceae

Facts | This succulent is quite fleshy. It is well-known because it has numerous medical uses.


Common Glasswort

Another Name: Salicornia Europaea, Marsh Samphire, Sea Asparagus.

Genus: Salicornia

Family: Amaranthaceae (Amaranth)

Facts | This fabulous green succulent can be consumed easily. But it tastes good when pickled.


Sweetheart Hoya

Other names: Hoya Kerrii, Lucky-Heart, Valentine Plant

Genus: Hoya

Family: Apocynaceae (Dogbane)

Facts | A succulent that possesses heart-shaped leaves is known as Sweetheart Hoya. One can gift this fantastic succulent to their loved ones. You can even use it in your garden for decoration purposes.


Care Information

Many people love succulents. They are readily available too. As they are quite affordable, so many people are seen purchasing them every now and then. But one should never forget that these plants need proper care and attention.

Watering Schedule

These plants are found in the desert, so a person should never overwater them. During the summer and spring season, you need to water your succulents one time during the entire week. During the winter and fall season, you should water them only once per month.

Living Space

One should use such soil for their succulent that is pretty good at “draining” excess water. If one is planning to plant the succulents in a container, then you should buy a “cactus soil mix” container. Like this, proper drainage is ensured.

Light needs and Temperature

These plants are found in desert areas, so they prefer morning sun, afternoon shade, and low humidity.  Some plants like Cacti, Snake plant, and ZZ plant grow well in low light. But Prickly Pear and Yucca plants can tolerate numerous temperature climates.


Succulents are low maintenance plants. They are available in several shapes, colors, and sizes. One can use succulents as indoor and outdoor plants too. Their slow growth and easy care make them best for interiors. So, a person should undoubtedly purchase them.


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