Air Plant Care

Air Plant Care

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What is an Air Plant?

Air plants, also known as Tillandsia spp. are epiphytes, meaning they develop on other plants, for the most part on tree branches.


Air plants are native to the mountain, deserts, and forests of Central and South America. They can also be found in sections of the southern part of the United States.


With more than 500 unique types of Tillandsia, each varietal makes it an alluring and fascinating houseplant!

Air plant leaves are typically slender triangle-shaped or strap-shaped that grow into a rosette design with new growth showing up from the inside. Those with silver foliage are generally drought-tolerant while the ones that are green dry out quicker. There are also many colorful species - an example is the Tillandsia maxima that grows coral leaves. Most air plant species develop tubular, attractive, or funnel-shaped flowers, too!


Planting and Care 
• Air plants are considered low-maintenance but they must receive light, air circulation, and an occasional drink of water to survive.
• To thrive, air plant needs bright but not direct sunlight. They must be kept near a window; outside, they will thrive in light shade with no direct sunlight.
• Water them once a week to the point where water is seen passing off the plant. Observe them dry out between watering sessions. Make sure the mounting surface does not hold water.
• Twisted or "out of place" leaves most likely means that the plant is dehydrated.
• Mostly Tillandsia don't bloom indoors, but if it does, expect flowers in mid-summer and late winter. The flowers can last weeks, even months! However, the mother plant will gradually die after blooming and new plants will grow from it.
• Air plants can be attached to a mount using an adhesive or wires. Air plants can furnish a home with a touch of greenery that is extraordinary and easy to care for.


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