Episode 4

Episode 4

Welcome to Episode 4 of the Planty of Friends podcast! I am your host, Ellise Uyema, founder of Live Long and Plant, and I am so excited to have Kari, Founder and Baker of Puddles Barkery, on the podcast today!


She dropped some KNOWLEDGE on us today as we dove into her business, the foundations, and advice she shared. 🐶

A couple of things I pulled from our conversation:


🎉 Celebrate your wins! When you get your first order, do a happy dance 💃🏻 (my first in person sale I gave my boyfriend a huge high-five and couldn’t get the smile off my face)


💕 You are not your business. Don’t let the negative comments/feedback, reviews, get to you, because it doesn’t define you as a person.


Thank you Kari for being my guest today, and thank you to everyone who showed up to watch and listen! 🥰

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