Fall Decoration Ideas

Fall Decoration Ideas

Fall decoration ideas to spice up your home!


With fall just around the corner, we are thinking of all the endless possibilities we can use our succulents in our decoration.

Since this coming season is such a beautiful time for the start of family gatherings and festivities, it’s the perfect time to pull out the succulents for unique ideas around the house to show your guests and “beautify” your home.

We have found some amazing ideas we are trying to save and implement for ourselves when the time comes. And we are dying to share them with you! So let’s get started.

Pumpkin Succulents

These succulent arrangements are to die for! Since most of us when we think of fall we think of pumpkins, what better way to marry the two ideas into one than with this adorable idea. 

To make these arrangements, you will need the following materials:


-succulents of choice

-spray adhesive

-sphagnum moss

-gel craft glue or glue guns

And an optional choice is to paint or spray the pumpkins a different color before making the arrangement.

First, you would need to coat the top of the pumpkin with adhesive spray.

When the pumpkins are pretty well coated, you would need to attach the sphagnum moss to the top of the pumpkin, enough to cover the area you want the succulents to lie.

Next, attach the succulents onto the sphagnum moss with your glue gun or craft glue and make your beautiful arrangement.

Succulent Wall Decor

You might have thought with the succulent pumpkins that you don’t have enough table or floor space to put them down. But you do have a ton of wall space. So this might be more of what you are looking for.

This beautiful pop of succulent color adds so much to your wall that everyone will be enthralled by them. 

To make these wall arrangements, you will need the following:

-succulent cuttings

-shadow box made of 1x3 cedar or redwood

-picture frame


-½ inch hardware cloth


-¼ inch plywood backing


-all purpose potting soil. 

The first thing you would need to do is attach the shadow box made out of 1x3 wood onto the picture frame with nails. After that, insert the hardware cloth into the frame and staple in place.

Next, nail the backing in place. Paint is optional at this step. You can paint the whole frame or leave as is for a rustic wood look. 

Third, you would pour the dirt through the hardware cloth and into the box you created with the frame. Once the soil fills most of the frame box, use a tool to help you make holes for the succulents to rest. 

Once all the succulents are in, it is preferred to let them root before decorating them on your walls.

Fall Centerpieces

If you can’t tell there are a bunch of different styles of succulent centerpieces you can come up with.

From chic to rustic, these centerpieces can be used for as simple as your dining table. Or as grand as a wedding or business event. Your world is your oyster with these creative designs. 

If you are wanting to grow them while setting them on display, add a little soil and water them every once in a while. This will let them root and sustain their beauty into the winter months past fall.

Were these ideas helpful? Let us know if you would be using any of these ideas for your fall decoration. We would love to hear from you and see your amazing creations!

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