Spending time with plants has many benefits

Spending time with plants has many benefits

I know plenty of you know that plants are good for you... But have you ever sat and looked up the reasons why? 

I know a ton of you have at least a small interest or a large obsession with plants. And probably have some curiosity to learn why the plants you are caring for are not only your little babies you help but also in turn help you. If you are interested, here are just a few ways.

Brain/Memory retention

The brain is actually triggered by many sensations: sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste. The more sensations involved, the more likely the memory is to be remembered. 

Close your eyes for a second and imagine the most recent time you went to the beach. Imagine where you were sitting. The sounds like the seagulls or the waves crashing. The sand under your toes and the sun on your skin. The smell of the salt and seaweed in the air. Was that an easy memory to draw from?

Well imagine what plants can do for your memory. The fresh smells you draw from your plants. The pop of color your plants add to your environment. The feeling of your plant under your fingertips when you’re taking care of your plant. How do those sensations make you feel? How do you think they affect your memory?

Our bodies naturally gravitate towards natural things and draws inspiration from them for short term memory retention. It even promotes concentration in work. That’s why it’s a good idea for anyone to take a favorite plant (or a few) to your office if you work in one to help with memory and concentration.

Reduce stress levels

Throughout your week, you probably have a few stressors that build up in your body over time. Some things that come to mind are a long day at work on a huge project. Political or social matters that affect your daily life. Family drama or health concerns. And so on.

When we think about it, our lives have carried on with these stressors building up. And we forget to sit down and do something about it. We let cortisol (our body’s natural stress hormone) build up. Something that is only reserved for situations such as saving a baby from a burning building or running away from a lion.

Let yourself relax. Breathe in the fresh air outside. Take care of houseplants. Be present with your body. These types of activities help reduce your cortisol levels significantly which consequently reduces your stress levels to a more natural state.

Mood booster

Have you ever taken care of your plants and felt significantly happier than when you started taking care of them? There’s actually a scientific reason this happens.

There’s a bacteria in soil called Mycobacterium vaccae that is proven to increase serotonin (the key hormone that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and happiness) in our bodies. Not only does serotonin increase mood, it aids in digestion and appetite. It even in recent studies has proven to help with learning.

It’s crazy to think that all you have to do to instantly bring up your mood, help your digestive health, and better your mind is to step outside for a few minutes. According to science, it’s just that simple. Nature is the natural healer that your body needs and it takes barely any effort to surround yourself in nature.

Rejuvenation and Healing

People spend about 85% of their time indoors. That means only 15% of time is spent in our beautiful environment.

Like we mentioned before, humans need plants just as much as plants need us. Not only do plants need the carbon dioxide we breathe out, we need the oxygen the plants give to us. Our deep connection to plants to provide happiness for us is actually in turn giving them reason to live.

There have been proven times when you speak joy to plants, they rejuvenate and heal and grow better than they ever have. Plants know the energy you give to them and feed off of your energy, producing this symbiotic relationship.

Connect with your plants. They want us to connect with them. We are a major source of life for them and while they could survive on their own in nature, they do better when we take the time to care.


Are you connecting with nature? Are you relaxing and taking in the serotonin in the soil? Are you letting your plants heal you while you take care of them?

We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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