Taking care of your mental health

Taking care of your mental health

Have you been feeling overwhelmed lately with work or stressed out in your personal life? Mental health is such an important part of our bodies that we surprisingly take for granted. As a huge advocate of mental health and taking care of your mind, there are a few ways I have found useful in finding peace in the noise and busyness in our daily lives.


The first tip I recommend is going into nature to collect your thoughts and be around plants! Here are some of my favorite spots to visit to relax:

My second recommendation for decompressing after a long week or day is to exercise. Exercising doesn’t have to mean spending an hour at the gym or running 5 miles in your neighborhood. It could be simply walking for a few minutes or finding an active hobby such as roller skating or riding a bike. Exercising releases “happy hormones” which, in turn, makes you more relaxed and less stressed. Here are a few ways I exercise:

  • Rowing classes: I go to Row House in West Seattle
  • Long walks with my pup on Alki Beach Park
  • Standup Paddleboarding, which is surprisingly a really hard workout that you don't realize until the next day when your body is sore! I got my SUP from Rave Sports


The final recommendation that I find helpful is meditating. Find a quiet space where you can close your eyes and consciously breathe. It might seem weird to try for the first time, but finding the right headspace to breathe and let go of bottled up stress can definitely provide a safe space to process your emotions and take control of your thoughts. I sometimes use the app Headspace to help with guided meditation if I find it hard to silently meditate. 

One final thought. With a busy schedule and feeling like you have no time for yourself, you might find it hard to incorporate any of these tips into your routine. Starting with just 10 minutes a day in nature, exercising, or meditating can really help to bring more peace and release any built up stress from your day. I hope that these tips have been helpful to take control of your mind and prioritize your mental health!

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