Tips on Staying Clean This Spring

Tips on Staying Clean This Spring

Spring is here!

And you know that means a new season for new change. Which also means cleaning your closet out with lighter clothes and colorful decorations. We all love it and dread it at the same time.

Every year you might be overwhelmed with the same old clutter. And you spend hours just cleaning with no breaks.

But you know it can be simple right? You can have a whole new year to be a whole new you and clean and organized!

Change the narrative and surprise yourself with a clean house all year round. How do you do that? Follow the steps below!

#1 Bring a buddy into the mix, your family or friends

Bringing someone you trust into the mix 1.keeps you accountable for the work you need to do and you support and encouragement into something you didn’t enjoy (up until this point).

You might be thinking “That’s embarrassing! I don’t want to include people into my mess. They’ll judge me or worse, not think of me the same way!”

But if they really do want the best for you and want change for the better in your life (cause who doesn’t want that for the people they care about) then they should be jumping at the chance to help you out! And they get a bonus of hanging out with you at the same time.

#2 Start by cleaning room by room, section by section

Sectioning your work helps with other things. If you’re in school, focusing on one subject at a time always works. If you have a job, breaking things down by tasks and deadlines always works wonders! So why shouldn’t it be with every area of your life?

Pick the room on the furthest side of your house, the corner that no one sees or the closet that you stuff everything in. If you start with that section, you work from most visible to least visible, because we know that if we did it the other way around, we won’t get to the messiest part of the house (because no one will see it).

Tag team with your friend or family member in organizing your sock drawer and the attic. Have fun with it!

#3 Remove the items on _______ & Dust it!

Dust build up is no joke. And it is so important to take care of the dust around the areas you don’t even realize dust is resting.

The key is go from the tallest location (like the top of cabinets) and work your way down to the trimming on your wall. Obviously if there are items resting on those spots, you would need to remove them temporarily.

#4 Breaks are essential!

If you have a lot to clean (which is nothing to be ashamed of), then breaks are necessary to get a clean-as-possible home.

This might look like doing a dance party in your room with your friend that’s helping you or baking in the kitchen before doing the thorough clean. Whatever it looks like to you, do it!

And then get back to work my friend.

#5 How to maintain it

Now you might be thinking “How am I supposed to keep my area clean? In a month I’m probably going to be in the same spot I was in today.”

And to that I say “One step at a time”.

The adjustments you make in your life will take time. Habits aren’t created over night, like someone wise once said.

But if you put away things right after using them, dust once a month, vacuum once a week, put dishes immediately in the dishwasher when you’re done eating, etc…

Then you will be a consistent cleaner in no time.

So my advice is take a notepad, write down all the things you do today to clean up your apartment, and delegate them into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. And make sure you have an accountability partner to hold you accountable for doing the tasks in time.

I hope this was helpful!

As always, let me know what you thought and comment below your takeaways or contact me with questions.


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