Top Gift Ideas for the Plant Lover!

Top Gift Ideas for the Plant Lover!

Are you as excited about the holiday season as we are!? This time of year brings amazing memories and quality time with family and friends. While you probably give your loved ones gifts all year 'round - birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and just for fun - the holidays usually are a time for a ton of unique, exciting gifts. If you like our store or are crazy about plants (or your loved one is), here are a few items from us that could be perfect for the Holidays!

Gifts under $50

We know gift shopping adds up and we are here for you to save money while you support a small business.

An easy-to-take-care-of plant

Air Plants are a perfect way to spice up your plant game with minimal care. Our Hanging Air Plant Kit could be a perfect memory ornament on your tree and after you take the tree down, a perfect baby plant to nurture.

Get the Hanging Air Plant Kit at $20.

Tiny, shareable gift

Our next budget item is the 4 oz candle. This is a staple piece that could be perfect for the stockings or a simple add on to any gift bag. There are over 15 scents to choose from and

contain a special surprise of seed paper for any plant lover to simply stick in dirt, water it, and see it bloom!

Get the 4 oz. Candle at $12.

Plant Lover or Not

Our last gift on a budget is a multi-use item: the Seashell Resin Holder. These are a cute item to give to anyone who is wanting a jewelry holder, air plant holder, Q-tip holder, or basically a holder for anything small. Your world is your oyster with this one and just like the 4 oz candle, it’s perfect for a stocking stuffer or an add on gift. There are so many colors to choose from besides these holders in Green Pearl Dry.


Get the Seashell Resin Holders for $15.

Jazz up your plant game

Our next category is accessories for the plant lover. We know as much as anyone that plants can’t be given without supplies to accompany them. These unique items make owning a plant more fun and exciting.

Are you Thirsty?

Our first accessory for your plant is the Plant Mister. We love this simple accessory because it makes watering your not-so-thirsty plants happy in style. The plant misters are made of glass and metal which is safe for the environment and a nice decoration piece next to your lovely plants.

Get the Glass Plant Mister for $16.

Just Hanging Around

The Macrame Hangers are another gift to add on to your plant lover’s gift. They are a simple accessory for otherwise boring countertop plants. With a little lift, these plants would look like a staple piece in a lovely living area, bedroom, or anywhere with sunlight. We have them in two different sizes and a few different colors.

Large - Macrame Hanger for $20.

Your Plants need to say something...

Our next unique plant accessory is so tiny you could get several of them for your plant lover’s multiple plants. The Acrylic Plant Stakes are simply something to make you smile every time you water your plants. The tiny accessories come in three different sayings: Please Don’t Die, I Wet My Plants, and Thirsty Bitch.

Get the Acrylic Plant Stakes for $5 each.

Best sellers

Our last category is the best sellers for the friend who doesn’t understand plants and is not sure what plant lovers like. We got you!

Make it easy

Our number one top seller is our Succulent Gift Box. These boxes include not only a kit to pot a succulent with soil and rocks (for decoration) but it also comes with a candle with seed paper included. These kits are perfect for a Holiday gift already wrapped perfectly for your plant lover to open. No need to plan much else! This year we have a new addition to our Succulent Gift Boxes: the Pineapple Plant Box.

Get the Succulent Gift Box for $36.99.

Get the Pineapple Plant Box for $49.99.

The Little, Living Creatures!

Last but not least, our last recommendation for your plant lover is the Marimo Moss Ball Terrarium. These are also very easy to take care of. They are such tiny creatures that need indirect sunlight and don’t need watering because they live in water! They are perfect for your child plant lover or someone who would love to take care of plants but aren’t the best at it.

Get the Marimo Moss Balls for $16.

Has this helped your holiday shopping a little more this year? Let us know in the comments so we can help you more in the future!

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