Updating Your Plant Decor

Updating Your Plant Decor

Are you looking to spruce up your plant collection to make them stand out? When it comes to plant ownership, there are a few unique ways you can decorate your plants and make them a statement in your home. Here at Live Long and Plant, we have come up with a few solutions so you don’t have to go searching all over the internet.


macrame plant hanger for at home plants

Solution #1: Macrame Hangers

Macrame Hangers are a simple way to lift your plants off the table and onto your wall. Our handmade macrame hangers are made with care and with the intention of creating a beautiful space for your home. If buying a new planter is not what you’re looking for, this is an option you could consider.


acrylic plant stakes with sayings

Solution #2: Plant Stakes

This decoration item is only for aesthetics but will give so much personality to your plants. Plant stakes come in different forms, some made of metal or wood. The plant stakes in our collection come in acrylic. These cheeky sayings give your plants that sassy spunk you’ve been looking for.


Pineapple planterair plant holder planter

shell tray for plants

Solution #3: Pineapple & Air Plant Planters
Planters are an obvious upgrade that you might be looking for. Our options come in the one of a kind pineapple planters and the unique air plant planters in the shape of shells. For the most part, our planters come inspired by our Hawaii roots, geared towards the tropical theme.


gnat trap for home

Solution #4: Gnat traps

If you haven’t heard about gnat traps before, these very useful plant upgrade will prevent your plants from all while adding some color to your plant pots. Gnat traps collect nasty gnats that end up eating at your plants if not treated and if you have gnat problems, this is a simple solution to a simple problem.


plant propagation stand

Solution #5: Propagation Stand

Looking to propagate your plant? Propagation could be an option for your plant collection if you are wanting to grow and expand. Our plant propagation stands come in two different colors in our modern sleek design. It is so simple that you could have 10 standing side by side and not take up a ton of room. We love growing our plant collections here so this is one of our favorites!


What do you think of our suggestions and solutions? We hope you consider using ideas for upgrades for your plant family so you smile every day when you take care of them.❤

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