What are Marimo Moss Balls?

What are Marimo Moss Balls?

 'Marimo' is a Japanese word which means seaweed ball. Although it's called a moss, it's actually an algae which takes up a spherical form when it grows. From the center of the algae to the outermost layer, it is a solid algae. There is no kernel or a core of any sort which allow the algae to latch on. It grows at a tremendously slow speed; however, if ideal conditions are provided it can potentially grow between 8 to 12 inches a year!

Marimo Moss Balls are one of the most popular kinds of moss among plant enthusiasts and fun to grow. This is because of their mainly bizarre looking features! They're low maintenance which makes it a great choice for people who can't spend a lot of time on gardening.

Marimo Moss Balls are very tiny and many people keep them as pets! They are great for children who are looking for a low maintenance pet, and can be a great exercise for those who learning to take care of a pet. 

Where do they come from?

They are found in the freshwater of Australia, Iceland, Estonia, Scotland, and Japan.

How to take care of a Marimo moss ball

Marimo moss balls are quite easy to take care of, AND they have the ability to live for over a hundred years! Here are some important tips to ensure that your Marimo moss ball will live long and prosper.

  • Light

They aren't require to be in direct sunlight. They tend to be kept in an area where there is low to medium light. However, the important thing to consider is that a glass container will magnify the intensity of the light. Therefore, make sure that it is kept in low intensity of sunlight.

  • Water

It's recommended that you clean your water out every couple of weeks. This procedure might be repeated more often in the summers as the heat will elevate the process of evaporation. If you find the algae growing in the walls of the container then it is better to use a brush to clean the inside of the container to limit the growth of the algae.

  • Browning

It is often observed that the Marimo moss ball may become brown. The browning can be handled if the moss ball is replaced and kept in a cooler place. They will turn back to green by themselves. However, if they don’t then it is better to add some ocean salt in the container.

  • Formation

Marimo moss balls love to stay in a circular shape. We recommend that you remove the moss ball from its vessel every month and reshape them by rolling it between your hands. 



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