Terrarium Workshops

Do you want to learn how to be a plant parent?

Learn from an expert host at Live Long and Plant for an hour on how to take care of your plants with our 1:1 plant care appointments or group workshops with other plant parents!

Step two: Pick Your Workshop

  • 1:1 Plant Care Appointment

    This unique opportunity with a host will give you more time one on one with an expert to learn how your plants need to be taken care of. Have the direct attention of the host who cares about your plants as much as you do! If you would like to schedule time with them, visit the calendar below.

    Starts at $30

  • Group Workshop

    Share the experience of learning how to take care of plants with our unique community of plant lovers! Learn from your host about everything from how often to water your plant to what kind of soil works best with which plant. We would love for you to join! Find the schedule below for our next workshop event.

    Starts at $40

    Attendee Limit: 10