3 DIY Kits To Cheer You Up

3 DIY Kits To Cheer You Up

2020 has been a rough year, am I right? It feels like every time you open the news, your social media feeds, or catch up with friends, all we can talk about is how polarizing our world has become. 

I encourage you to take time out of your day to get some mental clarity, and one way to get ahead change is by making Terrariums! It's the perfect way to get your mind off of work and turn-on your inner creativeness. Here are 3 of Live Long & Plant's DIY kits that will cheer you (or your loved one!) up.  

1. DIY Enclosed Terrarium Kit | DIY Kits

Create your own beautiful, self-contained enclosed terrarium with our DIY Enclosed Terrarium Kit! This makes a great gift to that special friend, or if you're looking for something to do while you're social distancing or through a virtual hangout. 

2. DIY Succulent Terrarium Gift Box | DIY Kits


Succulents Terrariums are the perfect work from home desk accessory, decor, or gift. Our unique DIY terrarium kit includes a handmade soy candle with seed paper, a 2'' live succulent, supplies, and instructions to create a new terrarium once your candle burns through. 

3. Marimo Moss Ball DIY Terrarium Kit | DIY Kits


Looking for a "pet" that's easy to maintain? Our Marimo Moss Ball Terrariums are the perfect pal for your desk, nightstand, or shelf! These make adorable gifts and are easy to put together. Listen to lo-fi music and assemble the kit to create your unique masterpiece.

Assembling DIY kits is a hobby that has helped me through 2020. The process of visualizing your creation and seeing the result is meditative, therapeutic, fulfilling.

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