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Live Long And Plant

Air Plant & Plant Mister Gift Box

Air Plant & Plant Mister Gift Box

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Brighten someone's day with the perfect gift box from Live Long and Plant! Our Vintage Elegance in Greenery - Air Plant & Plant Mister Gift Set is a delightful blend of nature and sophistication. Carefully curated for plant enthusiasts, this gift box features a lively air plant, a charming vintage plant mister, and a handmade resin dish – a trio that adds a touch of green luxury to any home.

Included in Kit:

  • Botanical Vitality Unleashed: 2-3" Live Air Plant included. Unleash the vitality of a live plant into your home garden. Please note: as this is a LIVE plant, we recommend taking it out of its box as soon as you receive it for optimum health.

  • Elevate Your Display: Elevate your plant display with our handmade resin dish (4.1" x 4.17") – a versatile accessory for showcasing your air plant or keeping small treasures in one place.

  • Revive in Style: With our Vintage Plant Mister (6” x 3” x 3”)! Made of clear glass with a plastic top, this decorative spray bottle serves a purpose – keeping your plants refreshed in style. A vintage touch to nurture your green companions.

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