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DIY Tiny Cactus Kit

DIY Tiny Cactus Kit

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Ready to embark on your plant parenthood adventure? Look no further than our whimsical DIY Tiny Cactus Kit! These little green buddies are not only adorable but tougher than nails – and the best part? No poky thorns to worry about! Perfect for plant enthusiasts of all ages, because who can resist the charm of a tiny, thorn-free cactus?

What's Sprouting Inside:

(2) Thimble Cacti – Your dynamic duo of desert darlings, ready to add a touch of prickly pizzazz to your space!

(1) 1.5" 3D Printed Pot with Drainage Hole – A cozy home sweet home for your cacti, designed to keep them happy and healthy!

(1) Bag of Soil – The secret sauce for your green thumb success, providing the nourishment your cacti crave!

(1) Bag of Top Dressing – The finishing touch to your mini oasis, adding flair and finesse to your plant paradise!

Assembly & Care Instructions – Your roadmap to cactus care mastery, ensuring your tiny green companions thrive under your loving guidance!

Ready to dive into the wonderful world of tiny cacti? Grab your DIY Tiny Cactus Kit now and let the fun – and the greenery – begin!

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