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Hang Loose 'Shaka' Sticky Traps, Set of 10

Hang Loose 'Shaka' Sticky Traps, Set of 10

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Trap those annoying pests with our Shaka Sticky Traps, Set of 10. Each sticky trap was designed in a cute shaka shape that will add some fun to your houseplant collection. Designed in sunny yellow for optimal performance as gnats are attracted to bright colors!

  • Sticky Trap, Shaka Shape, Set of 10
  • Materials: Plastic, Adhesive Glue
  • Safe and non-toxic, no harmful odors or pesticides used
  • Peel each side of the trap for maximum efficiency
  • Dimensions: 5.3" L x 2" W

Directions: Insert pointed end of the trap into soil and cover the triangle portion of the trap. Gently remove the white cover from the sticky trap from both sides. 

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