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What are they? Succulents are plants that possess those parts which are fleshy, thickened, and engorged. Like this, they can retain water, especially in “arid climate.” These plants store water in numerous structures like stems and leaves. One can easily locate these plants in places like deserts. But you can also find them in various places present all around the world. Origin of Succulents Succulents belong to arid and dry areas like deserts. But certain succulents like orchids are unable to get proper rainfall. Their growth is in such areas or branches where rain is unable to reach them quite...

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In the world of indoor and outdoor plants, no plant is 100% indestructible. However, some potted plants are definitely pickier than others. If you’re looking for an easygoing, low maintenance plant rather than one known for being a drama queen, here are our five best recommendations for the top five beginner friendly and hardy indoor plants!1. Spider Plant / Chlorophytum ComosumThe Spider Plant is a low-light houseplant with a few hidden bonuses: it’s pet-safe, air purifying, and grows “babies” to cut and propagate!If the Spider Plant does give you trouble with brown “crispy” leaves, try watering with distilled water rather...

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